Mini-Course: Dealing with Inauthentic Complaints by Kim Coghlan

Mini-Course: Dealing with Inauthentic Complaints

Need guidance on responding to an inauthentic complaint? These videos, templates and samples will quickly get you on the right path. 

The dreaded little red flag đźš©

This seemingly innocuous little icon causes a lot of fear, anxiety, and frustration among Amazon sellers.

It’s often the first sign of an inauthentic claim on your account

The instant realization that you now have to pore over receipts, invoices, pictures of inventory, and match them up with an ASIN.

Only then is it time to write a plan of action, maybe “admit guilt”, and explain to a faceless rep what action you’ll take to ensure you are protecting Amazon’s customer.

It’s exhausting…

The Intro to Inauthentic Mini Course is here to help you calm your nerves a bit, give you a rundown on what steps to take, and allow you to have some peace of mind that you can handle an inauthentic claim when it’s thrown your way. 

Inside of the Intro to Inauthentic Mini Course you’ll learn:
  • What information you should gather for an inauthentic claim
  • How to formulate a response that is likely to be accepted
  • The proper way to follow up with an inauthentic claim
  • And more…

To make the process easier and reduce the friction we have also included a 7-step checklist you can refer to each time one of these claims comes your way.

This will ensure you take a moment to breathe and complete all the steps necessary to keep your account health in good standing.

Finally, to ensure you know exactly what you need to show the powers that be at Amazon you will get access to several important tools including:
  • An Inauthentic Response outline to guide your own response
  • An annotated receipt sample to ensure you show your work properly
  • Templates for following up with seller performance
  • A Tracking sheet to make sure you don’t have any lingering complaints

All of this comes for a price so low you don't need to think twice.

Perry and I have fought (and WON) hundreds of inauthentic complaints over the years.  We understand the frustration, anxiety, and inconvenience of dealing with them.

We also know that it’s crucial to the health of your account to handle inauthentic complaints in a timely manner and give Amazon all of the information to persuade them that you are in the right and clear your account.

This is why I put together this SUPER AFFORDABLE mini-course.

To help you get past the frustration and onto selling through more inventory without the fear of inauthentic claims hanging over you.

For less than the price of a fast-food meal, you can dive into the course, and make sure to utilize the checklists, templates, and outlines to make dealing with inauthentic claims as easy as possible.

See you inside!