Resolving Inauthentic Complaints: a complete guide for Amazon sellers by Kim Coghlan

Resolving Inauthentic Complaints: a complete guide for Amazon sellers

 When Amazon says, "Please review your listings" do you know exactly what to do? We can help take the fear and uncertainty out of responding. 

75% + of Amazon Sellers Deal with an Inauthentic Claim in Their Selling Career!

You see the small red flag in your seller account.  Your stomach drops.  Palms get sweaty.

What do I have to deal with today?

The dreaded inauthentic claim.  A buyer thinks the shirt they bought from you is inauthentic because they gained a few pounds and won’t admit it.

The toy that Grandma bought for Johnny broke in 2 days because he was using it as a baseball bat.

Now you have to pore over return requests, receipts, inventory reports, pictures of products you’ve taken (you have, right?), product reviews, and then you have to match all of these things to an ASIN.

Then it’s your job to write a plan of action, take it on the nose and admit guilt to Amazon, and explain to a “seller rep” on the other side of the world how you’ll protect customers in the future from your incompetence with this product.


What If It Didn’t Have to Be That Way?

The Guide to Inauthentic Complaints takes the frustration, difficulty, and exhaustive hassle of putting together all of the required documents and plans of action and makes it a simple process that you could even pass off to an employee or VA.

You will learn:
  • What an Inauthentic Complaint is
  • How to Check for Inauthentic Complaints
  • What Your First Steps Need to Be
  • How to Properly Annotate Receipts & Invoices
  • Finding the Root Cause of the Complaint
  • And so much more…

This course breaks down every single step you’ll need to take to protect your account health.

It’s taught by a multi-million dollar Amazon Seller, Mom of 13, and crusher of inauthentic complaints Kim Coghlan.

To make the process as simple as possible and relieve the stress, anxiety, and tension inauthentic complaints can cause you will receive:

  • Inauthentic Checklists
  • First Actions Guide
  • Guide to Annotating
  • Root Cause Guides
  • Your Response Guide
  • Systems to Put in Place
  • And more…

You will come out never fearing inauthentic complaints again.

Armed with all the knowledge, resources, guides, tactics, and checklists you’ll need to systemize and simplify the process of overcoming inauthentic complaints.

Click the button to sign up, take this course or pass it off to an employee or VA so they can handle these complaints for you without the fear of being unable to beat inauthentic complaints and ease your worry about dealing with them in the future.

I guarantee this course will give you all the tools you need in your toolbelt to confidently and successfully be prepared to battle inauthentic complaints now and in the future.

See you inside!

“In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless but planning is indispensable.” -Dwight Eisenhower


*75% + statistic based on a poll of Amazon Sellers in a 40,000+ social networking group.

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Thanks a lot for your course!
3 weeks after I’ve received the complaint (and got my money payments frozen), at least they reviewed and approved it! 

Thanks to your course, I’ve collected all necessary info and was able to resolve the issue with the first appeal. Otherwise, without the course, it could have taken another several weeks to ping pong appeals between me and Amazon.
Course is definitely more than worth its price!

Hey Guys, I am sitting here working on a used sold as new (my best seller, already sold like 1000 units and just sent in like 150 more that are now stranded, receipts on those are a nightmare) and also a inauthentic on a bra. 

I just wanted to give you some customer feedback, Lol. Your courses are Awesome! Even though I have done this a couple of times now, it is so nice getting to go back through to find everything I need.

Buba Culp
You would be hard pressed to find another Amazon seller with the breadth and depth of knowledge rivaling Kim's.  Her experience and success both in business as well as fighting inaccurate and frivolous claims against her own seller account is second to none.  

I'm lucky to have purchased this course.  Not only does it give me a plan when a claim arises but it allows me to take a step back, think, and not overreact to what can be a tense and frustrating situation.  You won't regret having this course in your seller toolkit.
Christopher Grant,